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I stumbled upon this old picture of shooting in Russia (I think this was Nizne Novgorod, which is where the job was, but it may have been Moscow a couple days earlier) in the middle of winter (why are we always in Eastern Europe in the winter???) One thing about this job is the travel. We sure do like to travel, even if it does mean Moscow in December. Otherwise we may never have known how TOTALLY beautiful Moscow is in December.


  1. david says:

    dec 6-12, 2006
    nizhny novgorod – Pechersky Monastery

  2. Kim Kohler says:


  3. Kim Kohler says:


  4. Wit Wal says:

    Hi! It’s great picture of Pechersky Monastyr in Nizne Novogrod. I always wanted to be there:)

  5. Elisse says:

    Angela, this is a beautiful photo. You look so in the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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