Benefit Brow Bar – Behind the Scenes Film

behind the scenes FILM live action

Here some fun behind the scenes from a little film we shot for Benefit Cosmetics. We had an absolute blast and we can’t wait to shoot some more choreography!! Edited by our good friend Wade.

behind the scenes

net stockings

pink flamingo

behind the scenes

melany with pink boa

Cue the Desert Tortise

behind the scenes

sara kugalmas

Our Production Designer Sara Kugalmas is pretty much the cutest, and finds cute friends to hang out with on set. Even desert tortoises love her.

cameraface angela

behind the scenes

angela with polaroid camera

cameraface ithyle

behind the scenes

ithyle with pentax

tiny bubbles

behind the scenes


After spending several days with these two for various project, film and stills, we still like them a lot. However, sadly, we need to start putting pictures of other things on our blog again, now that our projects with them are wrapped.


not a turtle

behind the scenes

desert tortise


This is a desert tortoise. I wish I could remember his name. He was very sweet and ate a lot of celery while we were there. He never made his cameo in our pictures, but there sure are a lot of behind the scene tortoise images from that day on instagram.

hank is the swimming champion

behind the scenes

waterproof photographer

This location was so hot. We used any excuse to cool off. Hank was the race winner of the day.

hank and ithyle race

backstage pass

behind the scenes

hard rock hotel behind the scenes angela and ithyle

we were in Las Vegas for a little shoot (okay a couple of shoots) for the Hard Rock Hotel. There were a lot of cameras on set, and a couple of pictures were taken of us.

ithyle griffiges with coffee cup

please note: angela was not as tired as she looks in the below photo, I mean, she was a little tired, but just a little, and that ghoulish light from underneath isn’t doing her any favors.

angela and ithyle in the balcony behind the scenes